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Medicard: A Little Something for Everyone :)

Medicard provides immediate access to discounts of up to 30% at over 270 merchant locations throughout the country.

Members who shop with Medicard can see tangible improvement in the reach of their monthly budget and even generate some extra funds for those little luxuries we all enjoy from time to time.

There are 45,000 people, aged 20 to 99, looking for merchants where they can shop and use their Medicard. And more than 50% of those people are working professionals.

Take advantage of the power of 45,000 potential consumers and become a merchant today!

Medicard membership is an ideal addition to any employee benefits package. It provides a simple and inexpensive privilege to your staff that can deliver savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars annually.

It fits companies who have and don't have Health Plans, since it can reduce your annual claims value and provide access to quality healthcare and other services to your employees.

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Medicard is T&T’s premier discount card, with nearly 20 years in business, providing substantial savings at over 300 medical institutions, health care providers and retail stores.

The benefits are endless.. APPLY NOW!

Member Testimonials

"I save so much every year with my Medicard. I don't leave home without it!"

"I saved over $10,000 in medical bills at West Shore with Medicard"

"I never thought I needed a Medicard until a friend told me to get one.. I now save extra cash every month and that makes me happy."

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